10th-11th AUGUST 2024

GoGoSafari Lion for Reepham

Let’s bring the GoGoSafari Trail to Reepham in Summer 2025

You loved the Gorillas, Dragons, Hares and Dinosaurs/Mammoths that Break have brought to the streets of Norwich and Norfolk over the past few years.

The Summer 2025 GoGo trail will involve the Big 5 Safari Animals – Lion, Rhinoceros, Gorilla, Elephant and Giraffe.

Reepham Festival has committed to act as facilitator for the campaign to raise £6,000 to secure a GoGoSafari Lion for Reepham – and we’re starting it off with a £2,000 donation from our Festival Charity Fund. We believe that involvement in the GoGoSafari Trail will be just fantastic for everyone in Reepham.

Charity Partnership with Break

Break is one of our charity partners in 2024. They are a Norwich-based charity whose aim is to make life better for young people who are on the edge of care, in care and leaving care. The work they do is hugely important so we’re proud to support them. We’ve named our top stage “The Break Stage”.

Break Charity Logo
GoGoSafari Logo
A sculpture depicting a lion