10th-11th AUGUST 2024

Reepham Festival initiates Campaign to Bring GoGoSafari Trail to Reepham

We’re proud to announce that we have launched a fundraising campaign to bring one of the sculptures in Break’s latest GoGo Trail to Reepham in Summer 2025.

Break have brought four trails to the streets of Norwich and Norfolk over the past 11 years featuring gorillas, dragons, hares, dinosaurs and mammoths.  The 2025 trail is entitled GoGoSafari and will involve a mix of sculptures depicting the “Big 5” safari animals:  lion, elephant, gorilla, giraffe and rhinoceros.

We’ve reserved a lion sculpture for Reepham and have pledged to kick-start the campaign with a £2,000 donation from our charity fund.

GoGoSafari LogoA sculpture depicting a lion

Break are one of the Festival’s charity partners for 2024/25.  They are a Norfolk-based charity who support young people both in care and leaving care.

We are hoping that support for the campaign will be forthcoming through donations from all those individuals, organisations and businesses that have a connection to Reepham.  We believe that the sculpture will be a fantastic way to support local businesses and to delight everyone who lives, works, eats, drinks and plays in Reepham.  The cost of being included in the trail is £6,000 and this will need to be raised during Summer 2024 to secure Reepham’s place on the trail.

Donations to the campaign can be paid via a JustGiving page at https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/gogosafarireepham.  The money donated there goes direct to Break.  Donations can also be made by bank transfer or cheque; please contact us at info@reephamfestival.com for further details.