10th-11th AUGUST 2024

RFestival 24 Tickets

Your RFestival 24 ticket covers entry to both Saturday and Sunday performances.

Adult Tickets are available now at £40 each.

Under 16s Tickets (accompanied by an adult) just £1 each.

You can buy paper tickets in Reepham Market Place from Very Nice Things & More or The King’s Arms public house.

SCAM Tickets
Please be very wary about buying tickets from people posting on social media that they have some they don’t need. Many of these will be scams. We will only admit people with genuine tickets to the Festival venues. Please keep safe.

Important note about e-tickets
Tickets are sent as QR codes to the email address provided on checkout. If you don’t see the tickets after checking your spam folder, please let us know on webmaster@reephamfestival.co.uk with your purchase details, and we’ll organise a re-issue.

Once you get the QR codes, Please print or screengrab them as data signal can be erratic at the Festival Gate in Reepham.